One month to go to InnovateEdTech 2017

We’re very excited to share with you the latest news from InnovateEdTech HQ. There’s been lots of activity recently, and we’d like to share the excitement with you.

Programme Design

Over the last few weeks we’ve been designing the programme for the conference with the help of Zahra Davidson, Learner Experience Designer and founder of Enrol Yourself, and Sophie Bailey, founder of The EdTech Podcast.

The programme has been designed to make the best use of the venue, and will be full of talks and workshops, structured and unstructured opportunities for collaboration and interaction, maker sessions, drop in clinics, teach meets, amongst other engaging sessions.

We have speakers from varied backgrounds, including Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL, who will be speaking about artificial intelligence (AI) and its place in education. We also have Doug Belshaw, speaking on recognising, developing and credentialing digital literacies in students and teachers, and Joe Dale, high-octane teacher trainer, speaker and app enthusiast bringing some fresh ideas for how you can curate resources for the classroom.

You can check the full lineup of speakers here and the the full list of sessions here.

All the talks this year are around the theme of Learner Experience, and in particular there will be a focus on the following five areas:

  • Personalisation and differentiation – including a focus on different special educational needs
  • Interaction – from learner to teacher and between learners
  • Technology for teachers – professional development and helping teachers better serve their learners
  • Learner engagement – delight, fun and motivation
  • Co-creation – bringing teacher and learner voices into EdTech product development

Party Time

Also confirmed this week is the venue for the evening party! We’ll be heading 1 minute down the road to Mason and Company for drinks (including local craft beers from 5 Points Brewery), Italian American street food from Capish, and a chance to unwind after the event, all courtesy of our sponsors Cambridge Assessment English.


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